When the Heaven Kissed the Earth


We all have our time of tears
When our fears we cannot but shared
Then,it seems no one cares
But Jesus did care.

Worn out and tore apart
With sorrow stored up in our heart
Scorned by enemies and deserted by friends,
Through it all, Jesus did care.

No hope in sight
Fast losing the foresight
Seemingly as though we have lost the fight
But Jesus did win all the time.

Though huge the scars sustained
And the lost hours we can not retained
But out of the blue, He made us the star!
That is because He did care.

In the face of the overwhelming storm
Thinking we would not end the race
But because our case is different
He sets the pace and make us the ace.

We have only one hope
Which is the sole anchor for our soul
That in all of these, we’d always be more than conqueror
Because He conquered it all, long ago.

As a result, the case is closed
Devil no longer our host
And here (in His name) we have our boast
For through His cross the heaven kissed the earth!

Romans 8:37 says, “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”



Jesus is all the Stuff you Need


When the road looks so rough
With situations all time tough
Making life to be coughed out of you,
Be still, and know that Jesus is all the Stuff you need.

Forces of life on you fall
That simple equation of life you can not solve
Thinking if you will ever be able to snuff enough courage,
Hold your peace and know that Jesus is all the Stuff you need.


I know about your flaws
How they hit your back on the floor
But that is not your end on this shore
Because Jesus is all the Stuff you need.

Your journey in the snow
Reminded you of how slow your journey of life was
And so you become low
But when He shows up , He becomes all the Stuff to you need.


For every of the holes in your life
He filled up to become whole
So that you can hallow His name.
For, He is the real stuff.




Your Limitedness, His Limitlessness


When you are in pain
And you become frail
Thinking life is vain,
Don’t forget, God cannot fail.

You said, life is vanity
Because you live in obscurity
But God in his eternity
Won’t lose his divinity.

2Speaking as one struck with insanity
With the whole expanse of life as infinity
Yet, God in His ability
Does not lose His sanity.

Even when the things of the world make you lose your affinity for Him
Still, He want you to be in conformity with His image
So that your sensitivity would be sharpened to Him
And you will not end in profanity.

3When you are crushed
And become lost,
God in His love
Send you the Cross.