1If there is something excitingly outstanding about Joe, it is the fact that his handwriting gets better with his 2D writing book.  This was always at the amazement of Joyce, his cute, young friend and class seatmate. Joyce could measure up with Joe in every aspect but not in handwriting. It seems this was her Achilles’ heel. This left her with the challenge of how to get better in this aspect.


Somehow, she has this ego of not asking from Joe. Thinking it will erode her sense of brilliancy which will make Joe feel more important. And since she was not ready to make him feel important, she never stopped being woeful in her writing. Often times, he received commendations for a legible handwriting, making her so sad about herself.  Joe noticed this but didn’t want to be too forward in order to avoid any insult. He is a very humble-hearted person. The ego of Joyce would not, however, make her see this.

They were both playing together during the break on this day and Joe felt it could be a good ground to engage her, perhaps if he could be of help. Joyce, I know you are not always happy with your scores and performances in handwriting but I am sure you can get better. He said. As though you had knew what I wanted to ask you before now. Don’t be a witch, Joe. I am not, as he replied with a smile.

So, how can I get better? She asked with a humble mien. Can I ask you a question, Joyce? He obliged. Why not? How have you been going about your handwriting assignments before hand? Oh! Have been doing it myself, she replied. And that is where the problem lies. You mean you don’t do yours yourself? Joyce asked with a bewildered voice. I don’t!  Then, how do you go about it? She asked. I gave my hand to my Dad and he helped me on how to write each letter systematically.

No wonder you have been getting better marks than I do. Yes! You are right Joyce.

Joe, can you please help tell your Dad that I want to get better in my writing also? She beckoned. Joyce, the issue is not about getting better in your handwriting but the challenge is to know whether you are ready to give your hand to my Dad. Yes, I will. Since the day Joyce made that decision, her handwriting greatly improved. And again she realised how her pride has been so detrimental to her performance.

Friend, you may be Joyce but Joe’s Dad is God. Come off of your supposed high places and humble yourself under his mighty hands so that he can lift you up. Don’t forget that humble the proud and exalt the humble in heart. And over time, you have been pursuing things and trying to get better outside God.


Thinking your knowledge is enough to carry you through. But in all, you have been failing and meeting with disappointment. Won’t you give your hands to God to help you write better?

Yes! You have spent your life in sin, causing a lot of damages to yourself but God is ready to wash you white as snow with His blood and he will put you on the right track, only if you will give your hand to him.

“Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and He will make your ways prosperous”.


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