Unlike every other day, the lifting hope of the morning stayed afloat in my heart. Pepping through the window to see the early morning sun radiating magnificently reminded me of light propagation I learnt back then in physics.

While still yawning to prepare for the day, my phone rang. It was a reminder of an appointment I booked with a friend. I cannot imagine it was already 10am. With a quick rush, I dashed into the bathroom to take a shower.

Returning from the bathroom, it was Jane’s call that popped up on my phone screen. I knew she would   be annoyed for not meeting up. Therefore, I do not hesitate to apologize on picking the call. I was not even sure of the cloth I wore, but sure, I was covered.

The quest for a ride and a mixed feeling of how busy the day would be consumed my heart. The thought of living the whole day on a weightless snacks or nothing also added to the frustration of the day. This however has been the normal phenomenon of running my day. Having met with Jane, the rest of the day was activities filled; moving from one place to another till the night when darkness consumed the day.

The consolation for the hectic but fulfilled day was the hope of filling my stomach with a cup of garri and groundnut. Few minutes after, I got home. Darkness was everywhere since the power of darkness has been wielding their influence for some months. Only a small part of the ray of light from the moon penetrated through my window.

3As I entered, heading towards my bed, it was a long coiled object with a big head that I saw on my bed. The miniature ray of light makes the blinking eyes more frightening. I was too scared to hold my breath as I screamed aloud, “Snake!” I lost the man in me and within microseconds, I forgot about the hunger. It was my loud screaming that woke everybody in the hostel. Guys scramble for sticks and cutlasses while the ladies were more scared as they stayed meters away from my door post but with all sense of watchfulness.

John seems to have swallowed a pill of unflinching confidence as he headed towards my room while others followed. I equally followed from behind, being the last with profusing sweat soaking up my clothes. John asked where the snake was. I pointed from behind in a loud but shaking voice, ‘it is on the bed’. He was about entering when he demanded of Joyce to help him with her lamp. She brought it, more fearful than fear as she ran back to her door post opposite mine.

With matches raised up with one hand and a lamp on the other, he approached the bed in the spirit of the hunter. He was about smashing the long coiled snake on the bed as the beam of light incidented on the bed that he got to realized that it was my belt. He could not believe his eyes as he picked up my belt.

2I looked so stupid when he lifted up my belt with the cutlass. Everybody was surprised seeing that it was my belt scaring me. The ladies however could not easily believe it and when they saw it, they cracked naughty joke out of the incident. The night was fun as friends make joke of my manly ability.

The lesson drawn before we all dismissed for the night was this; “The devil is like that snake-like object but in an actual sense, it is not. Don’t forget that the Bible says, “He roars like a lion.” But in reality, he is not. So, don’t be scared. He only roars in the darkness but when you switch on the light of God’s words, you see nothing.7


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4 thoughts on “SNAKE ON MY BED

  1. Halleluyah! We stand in Victory. The Devil can scream, jump, run around and even make lion like sounds but that doest make him a lion. Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. When He roars, the earth trembles at His feet.


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