As you enter the holy trinity cathedral, you‘ve arrive at a place to the warm embrace of church ushers aid who have been trained to receive, welcome and usher you to the appropriate place of worship.

Holy trinity cathedral is a two thousand capacity building with sophisticated and up-to-day gadget which enhances the ease of worship. Holy trinity cathedral no doubt is a gigantic masterpiece. It is painted, furnished and the floor marbled.

Holy trinity cathedral is the parent church to about fifteen other churches all over the city and its environs. The church is headed by an arch bishop with other two priests as co ministers and members of the church are always obsequious to the teaching and the persons of their bishop. Obviously, they had an unquantifiable respect, love and trust in their leader.


Its few days to the commencement of the three day prayer revival usually held every last friday of the month. Preparation had kick-started as the prayerband members started a week pre-revival prayers which was powerful and promises to be heaven-on-earth.

The ushers were prepared; the choristers also were not left out as they daily prepared themselves in various meetings of rehearsals. The church leaders were concerned on how the revival would be with the new arch bishop that had just been transferred to the church. Everyone of them were expecting the move of the holy spirit as it seemed to them that the new bishop is  a talented, charismatic and spirit-filled man who will push the heaven to rain down its blessings, heal the broken-hearted and cure all sort of diseases, infirmities and ancestral curses.

Advert of the revival was on in the whole city. The radio and television advert does a lot, newspapers, magazine, handbills and bill boards are the entire publicity medium the forth coming programme was advertised.       Everyone was aware and was ready to met with God in that month encounter which was tagged ‘‘The Uncommon’’. Sound system of the church was in place as those beyond redemption had been replaced. The bright halogen bulbs were fixed in the church premises to supply light when the programme is on and its getting dark. So also the flat screen televisions were placed in strategic places for worshippers who would not be privileged to stay inside the main auditorium but the extension. A digital camera was also standby for coverage at the revival centre. It was going to be awesome at the holy trinity cathedral that weekend.

 The revival started with praise and worship section by the choristers. The whole auditorium and extension was filled up, even the car garage was occupied by people who came for the revival. The ushers dressed in black and white and were busy fixing people to appropriate places.

The pulpit was brightened by the white halogen bulb and was strategic that everyone would have easy access from any corner of the church. Just after the praise and worship section, the arch bishop was to led few minutes of pastoral prayers before listening to short exhortation which of course would be accompanied by powerful prayers and deliverance section. As he mount on the pulpit, a shout of his praise filled the auditorium as every eyes had longed to see the new arch bishop; the man of God who that night dressed in his wonderful priestly attire.

No doubt, he is fashion-conscious, one would guess from his outlook. Everyone‘s hope were raised as some muttered words of prayers in the mist of thousands of people who were in the meeting. Everyone was warmed by the vehemence with which he spoke; his grasp of the microphone was firm as he learned on the pulpit. He must have been fasting and praying for the programme everyone thought.

As he tried to stand himself without the support of the pulpit, his eyes was turning like a spherical object rotating on a pivot. He slumped and fell down; the whole congregation was turned into confusion as everyone was muttering words to themselves. The other priest rushed out to carry him up, as they approached him, they were disappointed with the odour of alcohol that came from him. He could not stand by himself again, he vomited and the ground was filled with his vomit. Whoa! It was ridiculous. As he was carried away from the pulpit, three piece of small local dry gin fell from his cloth and a piece of cigarette. They would have kept it as secret if not for the fact that they were unaware that the new bishop was a smoker and a drunkard and he‘s shame surfaced in the public the first time he was to minister in the church he was newly transferred.


 The wide yelling of ah! filled the auditorium and extension as people were seen scattered and finding their ways back home. The new arch bishop was drunk and was full of local gin instead of the Holy Spirit. In fact the uncommon was seen in the holy trinity church as everyone was disappointed. The man of God was drunk!

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