This Land is Evil

1Heads roll here and there
Land swimming and smelling with blood
Yet, to her leaders, life is a mere digit.

This people are vampire
Smearing life with sword
Burning and roasting homes and lives.

In silence, the leaders glorify wickedness.
In their sights, lives thinned out like water vapor of the sky.
What is more cruelsome than a stilled voice in the face of blood-letting?

We are talking about living-dying souls.
They are granting a show of shame,
Spewing words of no concern.

2We ask, when shall they be human enough?
When will the land know peace?
When will the sound of war ceased?

Will these luciferic descendants be brought to book at all?
Any hope that they will be hooked?
All we get is a discouraging body language!

Now, they are gone
And we are here sobering
With a heart full of bitterness.

But do they even care about us?
May be not.
This is nothing but wickedness.

This silence is too loud.
The voices speaking are not heard.
Yet, normal life businesses continue as though nothing has happened.

The voice of ‘change’
Speaking vain to the lives of frail men.
When will they not faint?

A terrible moment in our land.
But we still hold very dear to our God
Who alone can avenge our course.

3Comfort to the souls that have been battered.
Comfort to the hope that has been shattered.
Comfort to them that are in pain.

Heal our land, O God
Circumcised the hearts of our leaders
So that the lives of their followers will worth more than a digit to them.

Heal our Land, O God! Let the ranging storm in southern Kaduna stop, O LORD!


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