Jesus Steals The Show!


When trouble blows
Couldn’t maintain the flow

So, I became so slow

But unexpectedly Jesus takes the show

With all the foes I stayed afloat

Even on the stormy Sea, my boat did not rock
All because Jesus steals the show.

Some of the folks wearing coats,
At a time I could hardly boast of a cloth,
But God, my coat in the cold
That is because Jesus steals the show.

5Though they being white as snow
They think we are made from the coal
But thanks be our coach who made us in his image.
Now,  he steals the show

On their toes, they vowed we would never win the battle.
Little did they knew that our hands have been trained for the war

And now we can bend bows of bronze.
All because Jesus steals the show.

Many holes dug down for us
But He climbed us through the poles
So that our foes won’t loath against us.
Thank you for stealing the show.

He crucified our souls
Placing on us a heavy load
But we’re eased and now roll on him
Because Jesus steals the show

6He made us stand on our toes
Swinging us to and fro like a pendulum

But He brought us home
When He steals the show.

We give you the whole of our heart
For you deserve to own them
And our vows we’d pay
Because you steal the show.




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