The Sinful Silence Leadership


The insanity of humanity
When cruelty is unleashed

With sword slaying the lives of the innocents.
Turning the terrestrial life-pool flow

Towns become desolate,
The Bush men’s habitat

The evil deeds of Homo sapiens with a downturned brain.
For in their hearts,  evil reside

In all, her leaders pursue game-changing fame
At the detriment of precious innocuous life.

The silence is too loud
Those who speaks are not heard

When terrorism is glorified in silence,
Human lives means nothing

This land is in shame
Even the lame can tell.

But how can we console she whose children were slain
Or how do we speak of peace to one in turmoil?

Hide your drum,  this is not the time to dance.
Still your voice, it is not the time to sing.

The sky is bleeding blood-red
Troubled men are crying.

No word is enough to sympathise with you.
But the Almighty will fight for you and uphold you.


Heal our land
God of heaven.

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