You Can Write it Better!


A father gave her little girl who was about learning the art and act of writing a piece of paper to tried her hands on some alphabets and figures. The girl with her well-sharpened pencil bent down with all seriousness scribbling gibberish on the paper. When she was done, she gave it to her father.


The father was so displeased with what she wrote because it was more than a thousand centimetres far from sense. He could not pinpoint out of his curious observation any letter or alphabet or discernable pattern. He collected it from her with the understanding that she was just learning. He was about tearing it when he thought it wise to filed it up as part of his document.

He didn’t discourage the girl. Rather he gave her a new piece of paper to try the more. What encouraged the man was that even though what she wrote makes no sense,  she was still able to write something.


Optimistically,  he felt,  a further trial will make sense since Rome was not built in a day. The girl did not equally give up. Every trial makes a bit of sense out of the gibberish.

Years later,  she grew up writing beautifully that his father was happy for the girl she has grown to become. She even won a writing competition nationwide recently.

One day,  she was dusting her father’s room when a file flipped out. Checking through,  she was deeply displeased with the rough and raw gibberish staring back at her.

Annoyingly,  she asked his dad why he kept rough writings which make no sense in his file for years. When she observed no response from her father She headed towards the door to burn the papers. Hurriedly, He called and said; “Those were your writings when you are younger than this. I kept it purposely for this day.”


She couldn’t believe her ear neither could she believed the unfascinating piece of papers in her hand. So,  I was so poor as this. She exclaimed!

And that is the right choice of the word my daughter.  The “was” in your word makes the difference. Had you not started like this, you wouldn’t have been where you are today.


You should have been so poor but I kept giving you papers so that you can get better. Your mistakes were discouraging but I do believe you will get better. When you didn’t believe in yourself,  I do. That is why I was never tired buying you pencils and books to write on.

With head bow low and feeling ashamed of herself her dad said,  ‘You may not be happy about how woeful your past was, but they all brought you here.’


I kept your poor writings, not to hurt your soul but to teach you about how life is. Sometimes, you have saddening experiences and woeful pasts but when you don’t give up,  they turned out to be an amazing experience. You overcome by being determined, not discouraged or dismayed.

You called it rubbish piece of papers but I called it building a piece of paper.

This is who you used to be but now, this is who you are!  There is always a ‘was’ in the history of our lives.


The girl was so excited as she jumped on his Dad. And proud to keep the rough piece of paper in her file. It is a new year friend with a fresh page to write on. I am sure you can write it better! Decide not to write the same thing you wrote last year. And don’t be discouraged by the mistakes of last year. Endeavour to right the mistakes and you will end up with a better story.

And one more thing.  You need people that can believe in you not minding how poor you are. They may be your parents, friends or relatives. Our story in life is only a fragmented part of different people that comes into our lives at one point in time or the other. “.. But this one thing I do- forgetting what is behind and straining towards the things that are ahead. ”

Be determined to write it better!
Fresh page, fresh start!




4 thoughts on “You Can Write it Better!

  1. Bro…..honestly at present I don’t know what to say about this writing of yours. Your words just gave me more encouragement that something better can still be written even if the past was a whole lot of rubbish. Thank you

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