How many times do you look back
On an event and think, If only I had…

How many times do you say something,
And realised you shouldn’t have said it.

How many times have you pull the string of falsehood,
Thinking they were the right ones

Do you call it regret?
Biting your thumb?

5Forget about regrets, and focus
Focus on your today.

The worries of yesterday wastes tomorrow’s time
And clusters up tomorrow’s opportunities

It doesn’t matter what mistake you made yesterday
Today is another good day to live right

Tomorrow  begs for a good beginning,
Only today have that good beginning.

What people think about you does not matter,
What you think about yourself is more important.

Come on, the only thing to feel sorrow for
Is not living each day to it’s fullest.

Therefore, live today to its fullest
So as to enjoy the abundance of tomorrow.

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