The tough decision before the glorious delivery

1webThe night when his love entered the house without a word makes the whole room went dead. More silent than the grave yard. Who ever knew them will know that their love is beyond measure. The heaven can testify to it as well as the fowls and the goats around. Something went wrong, but nobody knew what it was. Thoughts danced through his heart and he was turned between varying degrees of options. He loved her that the thought of divorce was not taking enough root in his heart. On the other hand, he was not ready to bear her shame. The mocking tendencies of his friends do ‘simple harmonic motion’ in his mind periodically. How to explain this scenario to the world is what left him perplexed and disturbed. Which way to go, he did not know.

Consultations from friends were not wholesome and awesome but seem to be the seemingly possible options to gradually make the boat of their love sink by not giving her the best affections she deserves and to reduce the frequency of his visit to her. He surmised that all of these will serve as a pointer to the fact that he is not interested in the relationship again.

2webThe cool, calm and descent looking wife- to -be of his could not explain how things went so ugly that their relationship tends to hit a brick wall for a course she could not naturally explain or define. She made him remembered how loving he used to be and the promising future of their home. Persuasively, she was on her kneel begging so as to have the relationship back on the track. The more the persuasion, the more her words fall to the dead part of his ear. As he was about to detached her hands from his long robe, he still could not bear the sweet memory they have both had together. This moved him to the marrow, took her up but not without the thought of divorcing her secretly.

Laying his head on the bed every night comes the thought of her and his dreams not short of seeing her. Of significance was the day he was sleeping when a beautiful looking being tapped him to announce to him why he must stay foot with her wife-to-be. “You may think it is a thing of shame for her to be pregnant without your input, but I ask you, who can help the HELPER?” Do not divorce her because the one she carried is a holy one. Peace be unto with you.

3webThe way of God beats the imagination of man. How would God be so interested in a carpenter to house the baby born king? That he will raise under his roof the savior of the world was indeed a favor. To her wife, she was lucky to carry the Holy one whose news was angels delight. The word he heard displaced every atom of fear in his heart and was not ashamed of calling her his wife. Not even the taunting of his friends. For he that promised cannot fail!

The way of the Lord is not ours. You might have gotten to the point whereby you are just some steps to back out, why not wait some minutes to hear from him? When the Holy Spirit is steps into the situation, your input becomes relatively insignificant. For no one can help the helper (The Holy Spirit)! Joseph understood the natural science by which life could be birth but the person to be born outweighs the natural science- His coming transcend beyond scientific speculation.

He was born a king. Live as a king. On the cross, He was a king. Rose up like a king and live on as a king. Accept Him as a king and He will reign in your life.


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