my-decisionWe are humans living every of our day to make one decision or the other. And this we are confronted with at different age and stage of our lives. These decisions go a long way to defining and determine how we would end. Seeing much living with the consequences of their decisions often time help to be a precursor to how we needed to make ours.  The fear of not falling into the same error that marred  the lives of these ones serves as a signal that points at us at the verge of taking ours warning us to be careful.

From the decision of what to eat, what to wear, who to marry to other highly sensitive and more intricate decisions of life we are consistently faced with. These fragile looking decisions most times put us between the ocean and the deep-sea putting us at the crossroad.

At the peak of choosing what to do, we are often blessed with suggestions on what and which to go for. In the midst of numerous suggestions, being objective is of a great importance. This is because what seemeth right in the sight of somebody may end up being wrong with you. People can advise and help us make decisions but will never help us live with the consequences.  They can only lead you to the graveyard, but will never pass a night with you at the grave.

How incredibly ridiculous is it to watch people’s life emptied of its virtues due to wrong decisions. Stories of many will make your heart prick considering their choice.  These stories sometimes make you become terrified that you live in the fear of not making any decision. In fact, you thought in your heart that “taking no-decision instead of making a wrong one will be better.” But may I tell you the truth?  A wrong decision is better than no-decision. To have no-decision in life is to enjoy the emptiness of occupying an air-filled space without an effect.

my-decision-2But then, in order to scale through the hurdle of ending up with a wise and life changing decisions, here lies the anchor that could be of help- Count the cost! Before you take decisions, let this be firmly rooted in your heart.  Men who count the cost, that weigh their decisions only need to pay the prize for it. For who is that man intending to build a house and would not first sit down to count the cost. Every successful ending starts with a conscious effort of counting the cost. So, how often do you count the cost before making a decision?

Here comes a thought provoking question to ask: Did ancient men like Abraham ever come to this point? Yes, they do! He counted the cost of leaving his father’s house in order to pursue a land in which its builder was God. Not only did he count the cost, he also paid the price! How about Jesus?  His life was the cost!

If you don’t count the cost, you will run at lost! Meaning, a fruitless adventure.

The second of it is to ask yourself the sincere question of, “Why must I make this decision?” Anyone who  doesn’t ask this question before taking decision  will only end up being dumbfounded when life threatening situation and challenges of life that are attached to such a decision is being asked.

Many make decisions that they are not answerable to. The ‘why’ for their decisions is hinged on the fact that everybody is doing it. Or perhaps, have friends doing such things. To some, parental influence is the’ why’ for their decision. Every decision ought to be a product of personal conviction that even when the whole world is against you; it is your conviction that will keep you moving.

Taking the decision to go the way of the cross was because the hope for the salvation of the souls of man lies in him. He understood the ‘why’ of his decision. And today, that singular decision of not allowing Peter to die for him on the cross but taking it upon himself fetched him the honour of taking the glory he once laid down.

What humanity feared most (that is death) was what he sees the reason to undertake. All because he understood the ‘why’ Till now and for eternity, this decision will forever live to outlive man.  What will your today’s decision give birth to? Will it be remembered or forgotten? Either which way, it depends on you! my-decision3

But here comes a true saying that is worthy of full acceptance: “Commit thy ways into the LORD’S hands and He will make you prosper” This is what can aid your decision-making! God and God alone.

There is a principle or precept for every decision in the word of God  – Tony Evans

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