DevicesThree days ago he checked the list hanging on the wall of his room. He was shocked how the neatly and legibly scripted plans of his, stared back at him, penetrating through his eyes with a big hit on his memory cell.

The thought of how he carefully scripted down those plans and visions with an optimistic spirit crisscrossed his mind. How desperate he was in seeing them come to pass was without measure.  His friends knew he was up to something from the start of the year. They were moved to go back to the drawing board so as to define what their pursuit will be for the year. Simply, he was the catalyst that speeds up their slumbering and sleeping brains.

But how those visions he called the resolutions of the year looked back at him and sleep so dead on the pages of the paper is what he could not understand. The hope of seeing them materialized stayed floated on his heart as he read through each of the lines.

ONJ_7-career-resolutions_original.jpgThe excitement of how he carefully placed the long list of his resolutions on the wall so that he might constantly behold it evaporated at the face of his unfilled aspiration. The question of “where are my Resolutions” dropped unconsciously from his mouth.

The year is just some days to close up. Another happy New Year song would soon be sung. A fresh page of the book with anointed pen from the church will be used to ink down the resolution for the year but hope the story won’t still be the same? He thought within himself. Motionless he was and refused to be comforted with the adage, “the remaining sun in the sky is enough to dry the clothes.”  He knew something went wrong somewhere which he must fix the coming year.

He knew this is not the time to stay eternally in the fool’s paradise if the coming year will be significant. He realized it! It should not be about writing down the resolution alone but also working it out in good faith. He could remember how fear watered down his burning desires along the way and how he consented to the theory of “impossibility.” What about the song of procrastination that makes every passing day like a millennium? The not-ready-to-take –risk spirit added to the weights that make his resolutions end up in mirage and as one chasing a shadow.

new-years-resolutionsMany factors contributed to these shortcomings of mine. And now, I don’t know which way to turn? It is not about preparing excitingly fresh notes for the year ahead but ensuring that I work at it in order to see letters on the note walking. For faith without work is dead! There are still few to do if not many with the remaining days in the year. Let me get up and get doing so that the remaining days won’t pass without a meaningful accomplishment. After a thorough evaluation and putting necessary measures into place, he turned to his friends and asked, “WHERE ARE YOUR RESOLUTIONS?

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