old-mamThere was an old wealthy man with many companies. He has a vibrant, energetic and a loving son. Being the only son, the love of this man was beyond measure but he never allowed the whole essence of his wealth to sink into this young man of his.

On a fateful day with glowing sunlight of the morning, the father woke up and called his son without prior notice about his journey to a far-distanced country. He told him he cannot define when he will be coming back. The boy was surprised as to why his father would not pre-inform him before embarking on such a journey. To cool down his fear, he handed him an envelope containing a huge amount of money. Alongside this, he gave him a book with a black cover. The son was grateful as the driver drove his father off.

While his father was away, needs arose that must be met. Considering the fat envelope in his hand, he bumped into one of the companies of his father to get his needs. With the goodness of heart, he was welcomed and due respect was accorded him. In humility, he responded. After getting all that he needed for that day, he was offered to pay at a discount rate because of his personality. Day roll upon day and become weeks. Week upon week and turned to months. Months never stop counting. He spent all that was given him and went borrowing from his friends to avoid the embarrassment of purchasing at credit in his father’s company.

He was on the couch thinking about how miserable life has been. How disdainful it is to keep borrowing from his friends when they knew how wealthy his father is. It all summed up into an embarrassment for him even amidst his friends. It was in this perplexing situation he was when his father stepped in. He was surprised to see his father. His father, however, noticed how sad he was.

And that was the first thing that caught his attention. He asked him, hope all is well? He replied all is not well sir. What is the issue all about? The father asked. He narrated how he has been treated badly by life. How his needs keep mounting up and how he has nothing left with him.  With a smile, his father said, “I am not surprised, my son.”  This response shocked and startled on his seat.

Yes! I am not.

With the walking stick in his hand, he said to him, my son, what about the book with the black cover that I gave you before I left? The book with a black cover? Ooh… It is beside my pillow on the bed. Go bring it, the father instructed. Hurriedly, he went. Holding it firmly in his hands, he instructed him to open it. With hesitation, he does. As he opened, he found a piece of golden paper folded in between bearing the signature of his father. What do you see in that paper? Your signature sir. That is right. Can you turn to the back and read what is there.

With heart beating fast and with a shaking hand, he turned to the back and read with a breaking vocal cord:

“I write you, my dear son, because you mean so much to me. It is much more important for me to do this because my days are nearer than before. Knowing this, for the time when I  will be travelling till the time when I will be no more, my companies belong to you. You have my signature as a legal backup to be in control of my companies. Love you dear son.”

Before he finished reading, the piece of paper in his hands had gotten laden with tears as he looked speechless watching his father. My son, ignorance kills faster than anything. And the amount you pay for it is always higher than what you can afford. The more reason you did not seek knowledge by opening the book that I gave to you.

My intention was not for you to spend the money given to you but to have the whole of my companies. Do you now see the cost of ignorance?  With tears welling up in his face and with a remorseful heart, he felt sorry. This was intentional, so that what serves as your means towards having my inheritances won’t be sleeping silently in between the pages of the book and you will thus spend the whole of your days living in abject poverty in the midst of abundance.tumblr_inline_n4f3166cn81qzbj32

Don’t forget, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” How often do you consult the word of God to live in the consciousness of his eternal provision for your life?  Did the scripture not say?

“And His divine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the Knowledge of him who called us by glory and virtue.” Deal with ignorance today and pursue Knowledge! And you will be liberated from metal and personal inflicted ignorance. Read books and of most important, the word of God because it is the source of life.


P.S: You can kindly pass your comments as well as share with friends. God bless your heart.


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