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Fellow compatriots, the nations stood in awe some days ago as Nigerians decide. Up to the last minutes of the results collation we were still the matter of concern to the world.

Though with different postulation and insinuations of possible outbreak of war. We defied all odds and permutations as we are still standing as a nation after the keenly contested election.

Till the last seconds when the winner was announced, Nigerians were still firmly glued to their televisions. Social media were agog with everyone turning to political analyst. Thankfully, #NigeriaDecides was trending throughout and our nation trend for something good and constructive.

Finally, we settled for change against continuity. Whether we believe it or not, Nigeria is bigger than any political party. What took place is not a matter of the party but all about Nigeria and Nigerians.

Now, Nigeria would be governed for the next four years under…

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