This Is Marriage

Adam needed a wife,though he knew not.                                                                                     The need was God’s intention and not His.

He(God) meant no evil for Adam by creating Eve.
So that he may appreciate it,
He never created a new being,instead he reproduce Eve from Adam.
Meaning that Adam would marry a different variety of himself.
With this arrangement,the union between them was not to be endured but enjoyed.
And so also is Marriage.
It’s not to be Endured but Enjoyed.

Getting married to Eve was not under compulsion.
Himself saw her and loved her.
In fact,he named her.
That was because it wasn’t under Pressure but was accepted with Pleasure.

What a woman is or would be is a function of the man.
Whatever name you call your wife ,so it is.
A man who does not appreciate her wife will definitely depreciate her.
If he add not to your life,he substracts.
There is no stagnant point.
Name in marriage gives fame.

The intention was help before sex,
but now it’s the reversed.
If Adam can do it alone,no need for Eve.
Eventhough the man is to dominate, yet he must communicate.
It’s no more a marriage,if it is domination without communication.


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