God’s challenge

Challenges come in diverse ways and it’s of different types.There are challenges that’re calamitous and strong enough to capsize our boat.while some are to build us.

This type of challenge is what God uses to awaken us so that we may not be contended at the level we are operating.At the point you’re thinking that you’ve inclined spiritually,God’ll make you see somebody that is more spiritually inclined than you’re in order to heat you up that you may know that where you’re spiritually is not even half of some.However,this should not be as an object of jealous but an opportunity to seek for more of God.You can’t be great spiritually when you’re contented with your present status.
And you should know that,it takes alot of sacrifice to know Him the more.The more you’re trying to do that,the more you know more about Him.

This should be a sincere cry in our heart,that we’d be unsatisfied until we see Him.

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