spiritual Arrogance

There is an arrogance,it’s called spiritual arrogance.In as much as we’d all like to show our biblical knowledge,it’s pretty sure that there may be complications which will ultimately leads to unreasonable argument.The scripture is not a platform to bring up controversial issues that is set out of the context.

No matter how sound you’re scripturally,there is a need to be submissive,though if somebody is erring,there is a need to correct in love and not to destroy.If you’ve not come to the point of having a teachable heart due to your knowledge,you may end up in destruction.No wonder apostle Paul says,’The man who thinks he knows something does not not yet know as he ought to know.’ I tell myself at a time that there is a need to stripped off every garment of pride in me if i ever plan to learn.

If we fail to humble ourselves,we’d always think we know when we know nothing.I’ve come to realised that great men learn not minding who teaches.
Learn to Learn.

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2 thoughts on “spiritual Arrogance

  1. Umm deep one. Sometimes we are seemingly teaching but the heart of the matter that is actually the matter of the heart is that, it is pride to is showing off. May God help us all.


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