It’s morally and religiously right to
give,not just grudgingly but also
cheerfully and we are encouraged
to do so without regret or fear.
This we grew up knowing and do
put into practice,even when we don’t have to
give,we feel bad and highly
depressed as though we have
done something evil. This is not
our fault,it is just that we are born
into a society where we are
compelled to love. Of all this forms
of giving is the act of giving to the
less privileged among us. We
cannot do without them since
they form part of our society just
that we are more advantaged
than them in terms of being able
to make living out of life
conveniently.Due to this,whether
we like it or not they are our
added responsibility though not
neccesarily under compulsion but
a sense of being humane to show
to them that they are recognised
and are not no-entity. We do this
to an extreme that,anybody
depriving them of their comfort
will see the wrath of God and the
anger of a caring society. In a
nutshell,the society hold this set
of people in high esteem.
However,this practise has over
night changed and is given little
or no attention today. You may
want to see this sudden change
in our society as a sheer of
wickedness on the part of the
people that you wonder how that
man never take a second thought
for not giving that helpless and
hapless beggar on the street. In
fact,let that man be at the verge
of death,it won’t surprised you
how people will behave as though
they don’t see him. But in all
this,who are we to blame? I think this
question should be a good point
to start. Generosity in this age is
becoming a regret,while hospital
is the end of hospitality.
Though,we’ve those that are truly
disabled,but what are we to say of
those who have turned this as a
lucrative job to make ends meat?
This type of beggars are modern
days beggars,they packaged
themselves in a way that you can
empty your pocket if you come
across anyone of them anytime
and anywhere. You see them on
the street and regularly visiting
lecture halls to beg hungry and
angry students,yet some being
ignoramous will give this people
thinking that they’re kind in their
ways of life. Don’t you see some of
them speaking fine english with
sugar coated mouth? That is
enough to pity a disguised beggar
and give, with the hope that he
can be better by your act of
giving. As if that is not
enough,some will show you
certificates to back up their claims
and this will further convince you
to give. These and many others
are pranks being played on people
by these customized beggars.
In the recent past,people
discovered that this set of people
are only milking them by playing
upon their intelligence
eventhough they are intelligent.
As a result of this,people
withdrew their hands of giving
even when the beggar is not
disguishing. As i write this,i know i
came across a man who doesn’t
know that i have noticed him afar
off smoking and as i was
approaching him,he quickly hide
the cigarette to beg for money
from me. No! I know that at this
point in time i must not be a
civilized fool and as i walked pass
him,i smilled within me. This must
be a madness of a special case.
That suggests to you the bad
mentality of people in our society.
The customized beggars have
indeed infiltrated our society and
making cool money at the
expense of people’s ignorance.
Only the wise can get out of their
tricks. However,i am not saying
that all are evil,but it will not be
an overstatement to say that the
bad are more than the good
which has indeed wipe away the
atom of mercy in the face of
I want to believe that this is
indeed a bad and unwholesome
attitude that does not help the
moral standard of our society.
We’ll always have them around
us,but we must be wise before we
end up in the fool’s paradise.
@isaacsogo on twitter.

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